Ecological consulting

Thund provides biodiversity, conservation, natural resource management and gardening advice. We strive to ensure that our clients receive the most professional service possible. Our main speciality is the assessment of biological communities, especially vegetation and associated insect fauna. 

Projects centre on natural and manmade environment, using ecological data in the assessment process while supporting the sustainable use and restoration of ecological communities. We also offer advice on growing plants: Organic gardening, vegetables and herbs, native plants, trees and shrubs and lawns.   

Consulting from the first investigation to a final report.  Targeted specifically at individuals, groups and companies.  Building on education and experience in the fields of biology, botany and ecology.  Make a phone appointment to get further advice. 

We are delighted to answer your questions related our expert service! 

  • Ecological advise in relation to developmental plans
  • Ecological stress assessment
  • Ecosystem studies
  • Environmental impact
  • Food chain studies
  • Grassland and lawn ecology
  • Growing plants in northern gardens
  • Plant community restoration advice
  • Plant-insect interactions
  • Rare plant assessment
  • Seed ecology
  • The botany and ecology of Icelandic plants
  • Tree and shrub community evaluation
  • Vegetation and seed bank composition

Phone appointment: 9000 ISK/hour

Field survey: 14000 ISK/hour

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