The coastal vegetation of Iceland

Coastal vegetation is shaped by the coastal terrain and salinity as well as amount and frequency of flooding by the sea. Here, you observe coastal plants well adjusted to saline soils and often growing as succulents. Lyme Grass (Leymus arenarius) as well as many weeds are found on the dunes; Lyme Grass is often sown into sandy dunes for the purpose of land restoration. Lower on the beach you find sea weeds.

Salt marshes are a special vegetation type by the sea, salt marshes are only found where the sea floods the vegetation and there are muddy river deposits, Common Saltmarsh-grass (Puccinellia maritima) is characteristic of salt marshes in south Iceland. The dominant vegetation is interspersed with scattered patches of Fiorin (Agrostis stolonifera) and Sea Plantain (Plantago maritima). Eel-grass (Zostera marina) grows further on the muddy bottom of shallow sea.

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