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Thund is a biological consulting firm based in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland. Thund specializes in a variety of professional biological services including consulting, research, courses, translations and tours. Thund focuses on the ecological and biological resources of Iceland.

Thund is a nature tour and consulting company where scientific expertise is applied to the study of ecosystems.  The company specialises in biological communities, especially vegetation and associated fauna. Ongoing nature tours and projects centre on both natural and manmade environment, using ecological data and knowledge, while supporting the sustainable use and restoration of ecological communities.

The team at Thund can help individuals and businesses find environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions related to tourism, botany, green business, healthy lifestyle, circular economy, geology, land use, biology, nature guiding, sustainability, environmental assessment and environmental education.

Thund is where you and your business can find ecology expertise and guidance on most things relating to plants and the environment.  We are delighted to answer your questions related our company!  Contact us and see if we can be of any help.

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