Tours and consulting

Thund is a nature tour and consulting company where scientific expertise is applied to the study of ecosystems.  The company specialises in biological communities, especially vegetation and associated fauna. Ongoing nature tours and projects centre on both natural and manmade environment, using ecological data and knowledge, while supporting the sustainable use and restoration of ecological communities.

Research experience:

  • Environmental impact assessment of wetland, river bank vegetation, and forested areas.  
  • Plant and animal life in neotropical lowland rainforests. 
  • Studies of coastal heath and grassland in relation to air pollution. 
  • The assessment of the effect of environmental factors on vegetation.
  • The ecology of herbivory in Icelandic woodlands and other Subarctic areas.
  • The importance of insect herbivory for birch and willow.
  • The use of wild plants in Iceland.
  • Vegetation and patch dynamics, e. g., in grassland.

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