Accessories for tea and spices

Kettles, mugs, tea strainers, spoons and other small items.

Cosmetics for skin and hair with ingredients from the plant kingdom

Balm and shampoo with wild herb fragrance.

Icelandic herbs and herbal teas

It is possible to place special orders for Icelandic herbs and herbal teas.

Oolong tea                  

Terrifically tasty, mild, partly fermented tea with black and green tea leaves.  


Mildly aromatic and flavourful herb.  A good choice for your cooking.

Sencha green tea

Excellent green tea. The most popular green tea in Japan.

Yerba Mate

Tea from South-America produced from the Maté bush (Ilex paraguarensis). Yerba Maté is a mild, stimulating drink containing a touch of caffeine. Yerba Maté is organically cultivated and is prepared as a light green tea.

Contact us for orders.  Delivered only within Iceland via postal order.

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