Aloe vera herbal shampoo

Contains gel from the Aloe vera plant that helps soften dry and damaged hair.

Price: 1466 ISK/500 ml bottle


Dark coffee

Dark coffee is rich with dark-burned beans, sometimes slightly bittersweet and chocolate-like.

Price: 350 ISK / 100 g

Lavender herbal moisturizer

A fragrant herbal moisturizer that softens and protects your skin and makes you feel good.

Price: 1116 ISK/50 ml jar

Light coffee

Light coffee is a rich in taste and light-roasted coffee with a mild flavour of its natural fruit origin.

Price: 350 ISK / 100 g

Peppermint Tea

Healthy, refreshing and tasty, morning and evening tea.

Price: 446 ISK / 100 g

Oolong tea  Terrifically tasty, mild, partly fermented tea with black and green tea leaves.

Price: 2400 ISK/100 g

Oregano  Mildly aromatic and flavourful herb.  A good choice for your cooking.

Price: 1445 ISK/100 g

Sencha green tea  Excellent green tea, delicious and antioxidant. The most popular green tea in Japan.

Price: 1854 ISK/100 g

Yerba Mate  Tea from South-America produced from the Maté bush (Ilex paraguarensis). Yerba Maté is a mild, stimulating drink containing a touch of caffeine. Yerba Maté is organically cultivated and is prepared as a light green tea.

Price: 900 ISK/100 g

Contact us for orders.  Delivered only within Iceland via postal order.

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