Green Tabloid – Speaking of acid rain

Industry and cars are a part of our modern existence. However, there is a constant need to try to control and minimize our impact on the living environment and the world's precious water resources. Although, industries and cars are now equipped with improved technology to reduce the adverse effects of pollution, the impact of car pollution and industrial activities is increasing. One of the consequences of industrial and car emissions is the rising concentration of sulphur dioxide in the air we breathe. Sulphur dioxide contributes to the formation of acid rain. In turn, acid rain may cause local pollution or be carried with prevailing wind systems to remote areas.

In the cities of Europe and North America acid rain changes the appearance of trees by destroying the delicate epiphytic lichens. Acid rain also leaves scars by eroding the stones of buildings and artwork. While the effects of acid rain and other pollution is often pronounced in cities, the destructive effect of acid rain often reaches natural lake systems harming fish and other aquatic creatures.

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