Seasonal Woodland Tour: Heidmork

The tour is offered all year round, while changing through spring, summer, autumn and winter.  Travel by car or bus to woodlands at the outskirts of Reykjavik.

Duration:  A seasonally adjusted tour, 2-3 hours of light hiking, plant identification, and nature appreciation, total touring time 4-5 hours.

Preparation: Outdoor clothing suited for the season, hiking boots and a rain coat.

Food: Bring your own picnic lunch.

Price: 7900 ISK

Months: May-April

Time: 8:30 am-13:30 pm

Botanical Tours in Iceland are speciality tours offered by Thund. 

Please, be sure to book your tour at least 24 hours in advance

either by phone: 8647335 (within Iceland)

or by booking online in advance and we will contact you.

Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive confimation on your order and pickup time and location.


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