Plants grown in northern greenhouses: Tomatoes

Tomatoes originate in South-America. The Maya people of Central America were very fond of tomatoes, they cooked and ate tomatoes. Today the tomato is an important ingredient in our everyday live and culture, whether we live in South America or not. Most people living nowadays have tomatoes, and while tomato is a big favourite among most people, the occasional few find it disagreeable.

Tomato is the fruit of the Tomato plant (Solanum lycopersicum), a member of the family Solanaceae. Most varieties of tomatoes are spherical in shape, while pear-shaped varieties are also cultivated. Organic tomatoes are also widely available in supermarkets. Perhaps, the best way to serve tomato is as fresh vegetable on its own or as an ingredient of tomato salad or mixed salad. However, tomato is also a favourite ingredient of many dishes, ranging from casseroles, tomato sauce, pickles and chutneys. Fresh tomato juice is a healthy addition to your diet.

Tomato plants are grown in heated greenhouses in Iceland, supplying the population of Iceland with a large percentage of the tomatoes they need. The greenhouses are heated geothermally,but the lamps in the greenhouses use electric energy. At the end of December or in early January the tomatoes are sown and subsequently planted out inside the greenhouses. The plants are planted out on rock wool, sod or pumice and cultivated in limited space. These twining plants grow up along wires that support them. Bumblebees are used to fertilize the plants, using their natural instinct to gather nectar and pollen.

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