Arctic-Alpine rock gardens

The ideal location for a rock garden is a well-drained natural slope or terrace. Rock gardens often resemble naturally occurring stony grounds.  Locally occurring rock types are usually your most economic and eco-friendly choice of stones.  Depending on your preference, the rocks may be arranged as slab spreads, boulder piles, semi-natural rock formations, stone walls or terraces. 

Many types of plants are suitable for rock gardens, but low-growing, tuft-forming or cushion plants are often preferred.  Perennial plants are most common in rock gardens, although some annuals can be used.  The following plant species are good choices for your Arctic-Alpine rock garden, and all occur in the wild here in Iceland.  First, we recommend low growing woody plantssuch as Downy Birch (Betula pubescens), Dwarf Birch (Betula nana), Juniper (Juniperus communis), and the glossy-green leaved Bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi).  

Succulents, as for example, the robust Golden Root (Rhodiola rosea) and the resilient Biting Stonecrop (Sedum acre) are an excellent choice for sunny spots in your Arctic-Alpine rock garden.  Plant some herbs like the blue-flowered Rock Speedwell (Veronica fruticans), the multi-coloured Wild Pansy (Viola tricolor), and the fragrant Wild thyme (Thymus praecox). The mat-forming Purple Saxifrage (Saxifraga oppositifolia) and Heath Pearlwort (Sagina subulata) add beauty to the garden.  We also suggest you use strongly growing herbaceous plants, such as the large leaved Lady's-Mantle (Alchemilla filicaulis), the creeping Wild Strawberry (Fragaria vesca) or the pink flowered Thrift (Armeria maritima).    

The most exquisite rock garden will mimic the best your local flora and nature have to offer.  Feel free to consult us for further advice on your Arctic-Alpine rock garden. Above all make your rock garden a natural and pleasant place for you to enjoy the summer. 


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