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Happy summer!  I hope you will appreciate the content and would much enjoy receiving your feedback. Lighter winds and sunnier days now warm the coasts, grasslands, and lava fields of Iceland. The daffodils flower in the gardens and moss and lichen covered rocks emerge from winter's ice and snow cover. Botany News is the newsletter for our company, Thund, and at the same time a forum for botany and ecology, the environment and nature conservation. We like to stay in touch with our readers.  Please, send us your thoughts on plants and green issues for inclusion in our next issue of Botany News. You can request a link to your website for inclusion in Botany News or on the links page.

Thund offers botanical tours to discover Iceland's vegetation. The tours are both an educational and an exclusive experience. Usually, the trips involve light to moderate trekking and plant study in wild and semi-wild nature, e.g., on beaches, lava fields, heathland, and protected areas. The theme of the tours is the astonishing vegetation, unique wildlife, and natural phenomena, as well as the rural culture of Iceland. We explore wetlands, pastures, and flower fields, coastal and montane plant life,  and birch and willow woodlands.  At the same time, there is adequate time to experience the unique terrain, geology, wildlife, and historical sites.  The tours are suited for most groups and all folks interested in enjoying a gentle introduction to the flora and natural beauty of Iceland.

In addition, we offer other professional services:  Environmental consulting, research, educational courses, and translation services. We are building a team of researchers, instructors, guides, and translators who want to work together to build the company.  I would like to hear from those interested in participating in our advancement or supporting the ongoing work in other ways.

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BOTANY NEWS is published by Thund, Hafnarfjörður, Iceland.

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May 7, 2024 - Botany News, Issue #028


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