Food and Tea Plants

Northern Bilberry                          Vaccinium uliginosum

Oyster Plant                                  Mertensia maritima

Alpine Willowherb                         Epilobium anagallidifolium

Sea Rocket                                    Cakile maritima

Toothed Wintergreen                    Orthilia secunda

Heath Speedwell                            Veronica officinalis

Babington's Orache                        Atriplex glabriuscula

Stone Bramble                                Rubus saxatilis

Sheep's Sorrel                                 Rumex acetosella

Spear-leaved Willowherb                Epilobium lactiflorum

Eel-grass                                         Zostera angustifolia

Marsh Violet                                    Viola palustris

Holy Grass                                       Hierochloë odorata

Rosebay Willowherb                         Epilobium angustifolium

Common Scurvy-grass                     Cochlearia officinalis  

Eged's Silverweed                           Potentilla egedii

Silverweed                                      Potentilla anserina

Common Sorrel                               Rumex acetosa

Tufted Vetch                                    Vicia cracca

Creeping Thistle                               Cirsium arvense

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