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Whether you have your own web site or not I would like to invite you to submit your own Botany News article for In exchange you will get some free publicity for you and your website (if you have one). The editor will adjust spelling and grammar in your article if necessary. Botany News publishes original articles of less than a 1000 words as well as brief announcements on topics related to plants. Anything that may be of interest to the botanically minded! Each article will be a page on and may contain a link to your page.

NOTICE: Submission of inappropriate material such as articles that are just a sales pitch for a business, or that contain offensive material will not be published.

Special announcement to Icelandic readers: Tökum nú við greinum á íslensku. Sendið okkur bréf og greinar um gróður til birtingar í næsta hefti. Miðlið ykkar eigin fróðleik til annars áhugafólks um ræktun, gróður og náttúru landsins.

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