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Welcome to this nineteenth editi

Welcome to this nineteenth edition of Botany News!



  1. A note from the editor

  2. Links to birch articles

  3. Botanical Tours in Iceland

  4.  The flower box


A note from the editor

Dear reader! 

Welcome back to Botany News and a special welcome to new readers and customers.  Whereas it is still quite chilly outside in this part of the world you may keep warm inside and perhaps watch a nature film with colourful exotic plants and their flower pollinators. 

While summer seems ever so very far ahead, it will soon be time to repot your houseplants.  Obtain cuttings of house plants and allow the cuttings to root in water. In a few weeks, you will be able to plant rooted cuttings into flower pots and with sufficient light and watering the new houseplant spreads its green leaves.  Carefully repot succulents and cacti by placing small healthy parts into new soil.  Some of your house plants might thrive outside late in spring on your balcony or patio.


Links to birch articles

To provide more information on the woodlands of Iceland the following two articles have been included as links, one about downy birch (Betula pubescens) and the other about natural herbivores on downy birch.


Botanical Tours in Iceland

Perhaps, you are already planning your summer vacation and might consider visiting the far north and seeing for yourself the places where our hardy arctic and subarctic plants survive.  We offer a range of botanical tours.  The main tour theme is the botany of Iceland while the tours also give enlightening insights into the culture, history, geology and zoology of Iceland.  Most often the tours involve light hiking and nature exploration.  We explore moss heaths, farmlands, coastal vegetation, wetlands, geothermal vegetation, and birch forest while allowing adequate time to experience the nature and history of the country.

We now offer several botanical tour options and we have good knowledge on the flora of Iceland and methods of growing both native plant species and other northern species. This knowledge is mediated back to readers, tourists, and customers interested in learning more about the resilient plants of Iceland.

We hope to convince you how pleasant it can be to travel in Iceland. How to enjoy watching wild flowering plants and other natural gems, while simultaneously sensing the atmosphere of different places in Iceland. Perhaps, you and friends have already decided to sign up for Botanical Tours in Iceland.  Let us know if you are planning a tour and we may be able to offer you a group reduction for large groups.


The flower box

Botany News is a platform for fresh discussion on botany and ecology, environmental issues, and nature conservation.  Feedback from our readers is always welcome and helps to deliver fresh and inspiring Botany News.  Let us know what botanical topics you are most interested in, whether it is gardening, cooking with herbs, or something else. Feel free to share this newsletter through emails, blogs, websites, tweets or other media.  We would very much like links to other webs and social media sites with relevant content such as biology and ecology, eco-friendly and health-related tourism, culture and arts, and green lifestyle.


Best regards,

Soffia Arnthorsdottir


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February 7, 2016 – Botany News, issue #019



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